In Studio: Rising Luna T-shirt

In Studio: Rising Luna T-shirt

Rising Luna T-Shirt by Aseye Studio


Like the phoenix, we rise. Emerging with greater confidence, strength, and knowledge after every setback.

Our latest release is the embodiment of our resilience and ability to regenerate.

In our rawest form, we are powerful.


Rooted in Rising by Asia Irving - August 2020

The inspiration behind the Rising Luna Tee was sparked from a painting, 'Rooted in Rising' by Designer Asia Irving in August 2020.

"Before I became a designer, I was a creative thinker first. I have learned to use art to find new ways to explore my own imagination and in turn, it has helped me approach design in a different way. It allowed me to find this sense of release and freedom -- reminding me of my inner child. During the pandemic, there was an eerie sense of emptiness in the world. As the unknown crept into not only my world, but the entire world around me, I painted. There was a silver lining all along -- I can always start anew.  This was a special safe space I created to build upon myself, my art, my community, and Aseye Studio."

- Asia Irving   


Rising Luna T-Shirt by Aseye Studio
The Rising Luna T-Shirt is inspired by trailblazing spirit within all of us.
We can always rise again and start anew.


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