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Our Studio


Aseye Studio, the creation of Asia Irving since 2021, is a New Jersey-based brand representing a new wave of sportsmanship that celebrates the
individualism, passion, and vibrancy of its wearers. We are committed to creating pieces that exude flair and exuberance – just like you.


Each design embodies the intersections of our collective creativity and is
inspired by an amalgamation of vintage aesthetics, sports culture, knits, and
collegiate styles, with a nostalgic aura and a hint of avant-garde attitude. Our
priority is inclusive pieces created with intention and an adulation of cultural

At Aseye Studio, we believe that you are the protagonist. We believe in the
collision of style and spirit. We believe in showing up with purpose, in boldly
taking up space, and in throwing ourselves into the fray.

This is what Front Row Legacy means to us.

With love.