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Aseye Studio is a knitwear and outerwear lifestyle brand founded by Asia Irving in 2021.


Born out of the idea to create a universe where fashion and the culture of sports collide specifically for women. The foundation of Aseye Studio will always be rooted in the message that women deserve to shine in any arena. Through a unique point of view, Asia took her original idea a step further to create capsule collections of knitwear and outerwear that reflect a transcendent world for all in which both the cultural origins of fashion and sports seamlessly exist as one.

Our timeless designs are inspired by a mix of influences that include vintage aesthetics, letterman styles, sports culture, black culture, symbolic art, and the desire of exploration and elevation. We take a deep dive and explore our inspirations to create classic silhouettes with a distinctive twist and meaning. Our collections are curated to symbolize where diversity of thought, experience, and style merge; and our uniqueness is celebrated.

With love.