Inside the Studio

Inside the Studio

Explore an in-depth review of the foundation and inspiration behind Aseye Studio through the lens of its designer, Asia Irving.



My childhood experiences and desire for exploration are the roots of my inspiration. When I was young, I would often leave New Jersey to explore different areas of New York City, attend dance classes and basketball games, go out to eat, visit museums and spend time with family and friends. There is so much to love about the city, and my time spent traveling throughout any city led me to connect deeply to their celebration of individuality and culture.

Black culture that I was able to observe in my family dynamics was hugely impactful. Growing up, I often sat in awe, admiring my aunties and their friends as they took particular care of everything they touched down to the last detail. In my eyes, it was magic. These women laid the foundation of my own taste, individuality, and style. 

I now ask myself the question: how can I take something classic and reinvent it as my own? With the weight of this question, I actively embed my roots within Aseye Studio. 





 My creative process begins with a compilation of strong imagery, meaning, and the development of a general aesthetic based on the idea or assignment at hand. Everything goes on the moodboard; from sample fabrics and magazine clippings to screenshots from various movies, my film camera adventures, and even photos of vintage clothing from thrift stores. I focus on intentionality at this stage. The moodboard is the start of the energy and feeling that I want my content to possess and evoke. As it grows, I am able to shape the details of my creation to align with my vision and the desired consumer experience.




I first  dreamt and wrote about this idea a long time ago, but finally decided to deliberately create this reality for myself two years ago. There were a couple of mental roadblocks that I had to overcome. Most significantly at the time, my fear of the unknown and my background as a stylist. While I am not a traditional designer and give much respect to those who are, I had to dig deep into my faith to believe that I had the power and the confidence to actualize this vision I’ve held so dear to me. Even as I continue to step into my power and pursue my vision, I still encounter doubt. When these thoughts arise, I remind myself of how far I’ve come and that I can always start anew when I feel blocked or lost.






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